Under 15s


About us

Bilborough Town Caspians are currently Under 14s in the YEL Saturday division 6.  When the 2020/2021 season starts we will be Unders 15's playing in the Notts Youth League.  

Our team was formed in the summer of 2019 and we pride ourselves on our team spirit and our drive to play for each other.  Caspians are more than a team, we are a football family.  We play with passion and are given the freedom to play without of failure.  Our role is to provide a friendly atmosphere for players from the local community to learn and play football in a safe and encouraging environment.  As a team, we aim to develop a distinct and recognisable culture, based on clear values and beliefs.  We hope the diversity of our community is represented in our team and this is to be celebrated.

As a team we try to encourage parents to become involved at every opportunity and we are keen to ensure that our players are always protected and supported.  In this respect we would encourage parents to offer their support where possible, particularly on match days.

Team Philosophy

The way we play - Our team will play with pride, passion and are encouraged to express themselves and play without fear of making mistakes.  We encourage each player to make their own decisions and discover the enjoyment and thrill of the beautiful game.

The Way We Train - Our team train with pride, passion, and focus.  We will spend as much time as possible on the ball.  We will listen to instruction whilst working with and encouraging each other.

Fair Playing Time - Fair playing time is a core value.  We do not believe anyone develops by standing on the side lines and watching.  Our squad will consist of 18 players and league rule stipulate that we can have a maximum of 16 players in any match day squad.  As such we will rotate our players throughout the season to ensure every player gets their fair share of game time. 

Attitude To Compete - We want every player to demonstrate the attitude to compete, even when playing against a side where it is unlikely you will get a result.  football should be about learning, developing and feeling free to express yourself while taking small victories along the way.  Having the right attitude is paramount.  We compete fairly with passion and RESPECT.

Love Play For The Team - We want every player to love playing for the Team.  We want players who are committed to the team and the overall effort but mostly playing for the Club.  

Commitment - Being committed is more than just turning up on matchdays.  we want players and their families supporting individuals, the team and the Club.  Commitment brings success and success breeds both on and off the pitch.


Craig Whitemore

Mobile: 07540832580

Email: BTFCcaspians@outlook.com

When and Where

In season Training - 

Wednesday evening 7pm until 8pm at Bluecoat Beechdale Academy.

Matchday games are played on Saturday mornings at Harvey Hadden.  KO to be confirm during the week.

Off season Training - 

Saturday mornings 10 am until 11:30 am and Wednesday evenings 7pm until 8 pm, both at Harvey Hadden.