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Beginning 1st July 2020 Bilborough Town FC are running a lucky lotto to help raise much needed funds for the club whilst giving people a chance of winning a cash prize at the end of every month for £1 per number.

How does it work?

1. Go to the club website

Register to the Club members page.

2.  Go to the Club Lotto page and scroll down towards the bottom of the page

and there is a table of numbers.  Check the available numbers and choose your lucky number(s)

3. Pay

You can pay for your numbers using the Paypal link on the Groups page, which you can find below the screenshot above.  We will confirm your numbers once we've received confirmation of your payment


4.  Have you won?

Check at the end of the month for the results.  Winners will be posted to the website, Club Facebook pages and an email notification will be sent to the winner with options on how to collect their winnings.

Good luck!

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