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About us

Team Philosophy

The way we play - We want to play football as a team with the focus being having the most fun achievable with our friends, family and teammates cheering each other on.

The way we train - We want to train to expand our knowledge within team football whilst making friends at every turn, in the most fun way possible.

Fair Playing Time - We try to instil as much fair playing time as we possibly can whilst ensuring each player is safe and happy.  We also make points of talking to players and coaching them through different situations from the side-lines to give them the opportunity to ask questions without the stress of playing.  Even though they may not be in the game, we always try to ensure every player is constantly being coached by visual and practical time.


Manager: Darren Aitken

Coach: Steven Underhay

Mobile: 07480704878



Training - Thursday evenings 6pm - 7pm

Match days - Sunday mornings - Times TBC


Brocklehigh Community Sports & Arts Centre

Beechdale Road




In the grounds of Brocklewood Primary School

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